Braemar Arts Festival 2018

A huge thanks and a big ‘Well Done’ to those who attended my ukulele and instrumental workshops this year
(and from MT too!)
Many thanks to Liz and Duncan, Marilyn and Richard for friendship and hospitality.

Hope to see you all again sometime soon.

Finlay teaching at Braemar 2018

GFW at Central Station

Leading a big gang of GFW members in a shared tune session at Glasgow Central Station.

Community music in action.

Gartocharn 2018

Thanks to everyone for all the fun at the Ukulele Day on Sunday 7th October at Gartocharn.
Hope to see you all at my ‘Pete Seeger 100th birthday workshop and show next year!’ Finlay

Ukulele Day at Gartocharn

Ukulele Day at Gartocharn