GFW-Ukulele Absolute Beginners Feb 2016


CC Chord

Really C MAJOR-Remember to PINCH-thumb at back of neck-don’t let thumb show

Am[var1]Am Chord

A MINOR-make sure you read right over avoiding all the other strings

FF Chord

F MAJOR- add finger 1 to the Am chord to turn it into F.  Standing on one leg optional

G7G7 Chord

Turn wrist so that 3 fingers come in from ABOVE to make room

STRUMMING (Loose wrist, floppy finger, back of the nail) Practise ‘DOWN-DOWN-DOWN’ and playing each chord for a count of 8. Get the changes as smooth as you can.
TUNING If you don’t have a tuner the notes are (starting from ceiling to floor ) GCEA ‘Good Cats Eat Anything’) or try UkuTuner