Bar Gumbo

The first Very Slow Session of 2017 was held on the 10th January.
The Very Slow Sessions are held fortnightly in Bar Gumbo on Byres Road.

GFW 25th Birthday Party

A fun evening playing with other tutors at Oran Mor to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop.

Band of Tutors at GFW 25th party Oran Mor

West End Festival

Finlay calling dances at the west end festivalPlaying at the west end festival in Glasgow

Having fun teaching, calling the dances and playing at the ceilidh during the West End Festival outside Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Braemar October 2016

Hi Everyone,
I hope you enjoyed the sessions we had at Braemar this year - I know I had loads of fun with you all.  Hope to do it all again next time.
The worksheets for the various things we tried can be downloaded from the Resources page (no password).  They’ll be on the website for a couple of weeks, then I’ll take them down.
All the best,

Dublin August 2016

Dublin August 16

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions in Dublin. As usual a wonderful crowd of learners and great fun had by all.  I hope you all took away some inspiration and knowledge to help you to the next stage of your playing.  I had a ball and I’m forever grateful to Eileen and her team who made us feel so welcome.  I hope to see you all another time.

All the best, Finlay

Cromarty Ukulele School

Cromarty Last Hurrah

A fantastic turnout for the 3rd Ukulele School at Cromarty and we staggered off on Sunday, tired but happy, fingers trembling from a wild weekend of strumming. Thanks to everyone for a great time and here’s to next year!

Dalrymple Ukulele Club

Kirkton Arms 12th January 2016

Thanks to all the enthusiastic players from Dalrymple for the warm welcome and a fun night!

Dalrymple Ukulele Club

Celtic Connections 2016

On the weekend of January 23/24 2016, for the 3rd year running I’ll be presenting the fantastic Celtic Connections Ukulele School!

Two full days of ukulele instruction covering strumming, playing in other keys, repertoire, chord voicings and performance skills.  If you’re past the first flush of learning and are comfortable with moving between the most familiar chords in the key of C then Ukulele School will elevate your playing to new heights.
Last year 100 players from all over Scotland (and beyond) strummed their fingers to the bone with sheer enthusiasm!
We ended with a flash mob singing magnificently on the stairs of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Find out more and how to sign up for this great event here Celtic Connections Ukulele School

Braemar Arts Festival

This was my second year at the Arts Festival and this one even more enjoyable than the last. MT and I had such a great time. Thanks to all who attended and brought their enthusiasm and concentration to the events.

Special Thanks to Liz and Duncan for great hospitality and to Marilyn and Richard for all their help.

Worksheets on the Resources page until 1st December.

Here’s what we sounded like…

And here’s what we also sounded like…

And here’s what we looked like…